Products Under Prototype Evaluation

These products are under prototype evaluation. they are not for sale at this time. If you are interested in any of these products as a sales associate, licensee, investor, or customer, please contact us at 303-642-0038, [email protected]

QwikWeld Cordless Handheld Welding Gun . . . . . It's Unbelievable!

This cordless, handheld MIG welding gun is impressive. This product is currently in prototype testing stage and it is an amazing Grab-And-Weld tool. There is nothing like it. It is so handy we call it the QwikWeld Gun or as my friend, Tom, calls it the QuickDraw Welder. Either way, it is QUICK and Easy to use. Check out the Intro and the Penetration test videos below. This is patented technology. We are seeking investors and licensees to move this incredible product into production as soon as possible. Call 303-642-0038, text 303-517-1921, or email [email protected]

Spool in the Box Cordless MIG Welder

This cordless welder uses the same power pack as the Tactical Welder but the wire spool and feed mechanism is in the box so the torch is a more conventional one with the wire feed drive mechanism and the wire feed control knob on the box. This welder can accommodate a full 10 pound weld wire spool. Since the weld wire is fed from the box to the torch tip this model is not recommended for aluminum wire welding. The cables, torch, and ground clamp all fit into the box for easy carry with the top handle.

This model is currently being tested in prototype form as seen in the photograph. The developed product may be approximately 25% smaller. We are seeking investors, sales representatives, licensees, and customers to complete development of this product. If this is a product that you are interested in, please call 303-642-0038, text 303-517-1921, or email to [email protected]

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Tool Case Cordless MIG Welder

This toolcase cordless welder is the one we used to pass the AWS D1.1 structural weld testing....and it has a smaller battery than the backpack Tactical Welder. The spool gun, ground clamp and cabling are housed in a strong impact resistant case. There is plenty of room for an extra spool of wire, chipping hammer, wire brush, gloves, etc. The TacPac battery is built right into the bottom of the case. if you are interested in this product please contact us for cost and delivery schedule.

Solar Window LED Lights

This is a crazy cool solar LED window light. Just stick on a window with some sun and you will never have to turn on a light switch in that room again. The sun shines on the solar panel that converts the light energy into electrical energy and stores that energy in a lithium ion battery. After dark the powerful LED array turns on when someone gets close, lighting the room either indirectly or as a flood light. The soft aluminum sheet metal construction allows the passive infrared sensor, solar panel, and the LED array to be adjusted to any angle for best lighting. The LED array can be oriented up to light the ceiling or walls for indirect lighting or it can be oriented down to flood the room or work area with light. I have several of these on my bedroom window which faces NE and I haven't turned on the light in that room for over a year through winter and summer. This is one of those popcorn type products that can be made cheaply offshore and sold globally with good margins. We are seeking investors, partners, and distributors to bring this product to market.

Super Duty AC/DC/USB Power Bank Jumper Box

This is a Super Duty 12VDC, 120VAC, and 5V USB Power Bank. It is housed in a re-purposed Fat 50 military ammo box. It is ruggid as hell! This go-anywhere box delivers 1200 Watts of 12VDC power and 1000 Watts of 120VAC power. It holds 264Wh of electrical energy. It can be charged from household AC current, your vehicle, or from solar panels (sold separately). Power household lights and appliances for hours. Charge all you electronic devices. Jump start your truck.

SiliContactor- Solid State Contactor Switch

The SiliContactor TM Silicon Contactor is a small, high power solid state switch. This is a discrete electrical component that switches 100s of Amperes of electrical current instantaneously with no moving parts. Unlike the starter solenoid in your car or truck, this switch has No Moving Parts to wear out and no physical electrical contacts to burn up or fuse together. This is a newly patented Solid State Switch that can be used in all high power DC applications. It is ideal for solar systems, battery powered tools, electric vehicles, winches and lifts, and all other high power equipment. This unique solid state switch will find numerous new uses as high power battery applications evolve across many industries. The SiliContactor ​TM is in prototype testing right now. It is covered under two US patents. We are seeking investors and licensees to move this product into volume production. Call 303-642-0038, text 303-517-1921, or email [email protected] for more information and sales.

VariAmp- Solid State Variable Current Controller

The VariAmp is a revolutionary new solid state, power control, electrical component. It employs a patented ADM technology to vary the current to a load from 0 to 250A or more continuous. It measures only 2" X 1.75" X 1". There is noting like this available anywhere on the market. ​The VariAmp controller component is in prototype testing now. It is covered under patents. We are seeking investors and licensees to move this product into volume production. Call 303-642-0038, text 303-517-1921 or email [email protected] for more information and sales.