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The World's First Cordless MIG Welder

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Lithium Battery-Powered Arc Welding is here. 
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So what is the Tactical Welder?

TacPac Power Module

The TacPac module is the power house for the Tactical Welder. It efficiently stores 528Wh of electrical energy and can deliver over 6800W of arc welding power. The TacPac incorporates lithium iron nano phosphate battery cells for safe, dependable power. The battery cells are manufactured in the USA and the complete Tactical Welder product is made in Colorado, USA. Battery power is managed by a state-of-the-art electronic Battery Management System that controls the charge and discharge functions of the battery and maintains each cell in the battery within its Safe Operating Area of operation. A battery capacity meter on the front panel indicates the level of electrical energy in the battery. The welding power cable connectors can be plugged in for positive or negative tip welding. The TacPac can be fully charged from empty in about 3 hours. Additional TacPacs are available so you can keep one on charge so you will always be ready to Weld...Anywhere

Spool Gun Torch

The spool gun MIG welding torch is a positive straight wire-feed gun that reliably feeds ,025" to ,045" flux or solid core weld wire. It uses standard welding torch tips. 4 extra tips are included in the backpack tip pouch. This gun can be used with flux core wire or solid core wire with shielding gas as needed for aluminum, stainless steel and other metals. The wire feed speed adjustment control is located right on the gun and it can be adjusted on the fly while welding. When the trigger on the gun is pulled, it activates the wire feed mechanism in the gun and switches on the main arc power to the torch tip from the TacPac offering a safe cold tip operation. This high performance gun is fun to weld with and easy to load the wire spool.

Ground Clamp & Charger

The grounding clamp is a 300A spring vise clamp with copper jaws. The grounding and welding cables are made of soft and very flexible silicone insulated copper wire, 6 feet in length. The high power connectors at the cable ends and at the TacPac are high current Anderson type connectors that can be attached for either positive or negative tip welding.

The charger is a 7A Constant Current/Constant Voltage charger that charges a fully depleted TacPac in about 3 hours. A 10A charger is also availble to charge in 2 hours. Extra TacPacs are available so you can always have one charged and ready to go.

Tactical Welder Backpack

The Tactical Welder backpack is made of heavy duty cordura nylon. It has a main compartment with a sling style holster inside for the gun.
Another internal elastic pouch holds the ground clamp and cables. The pack includes full backstraps and a wide hip belt for comfortable long distance or climbing carries. It also has an adjustable courier shoulder strap. The pack is designed to be carried comfortably on the back then easily released from the back straps and the hip belt to allow the pack to swing around front on the cross shoulder courier strap to form a hanging tool bag allowing for one-handed welding operation. The pack has a seperate outer compartment where a second TacPac battery can be carried or it can be used for extra weld wire, 24VAC inverter (sold separately) to power an AC grinder and other power tools. A third zip down pouch on the front provides pockets for chipping hammer, wire brush, welder pliers etc. There is also a small zip pouch for extra torch tips.

Tactical Welder


The Tactical Welder is a portable, battery-powered backpack MIG Welder integrated with a spool gun torch, 300A ground clamp, 528Wh TacPak power module, control electronics, and a 7A charger. It welds 10 feet of 1/4" weld bead on ¾" plate steel per charge with excellent penetration. The Tactical Welder meets AWS D1.1 structural welding requirements for welding with shielding gas.

The World's First Cordless MIG Welder

Lithium-powered MIG welding is here:

Now you can Weld Anywhere Without plugging in
Without long cords & cables
Without a generator
Weighs about 28 pounds
Carry it anywhere
Backpack, Shoulder Bag ​
Spool Gun Torch

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