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TACTICAL WELDER​​​​ Lithium-Powered MIG Welder

Welding Unplugged

The Weld Anywhere Tactical Welder is a battery-powered, portable welding tool made in the USA. Power is provided by a 528Wh lithium Ion battery pack with a state-of-the-art electronic Battery Management System (BMS) that safely controls charging and discharging functions. The weld gun is a 300A industrial grade spool gun. Welding is controlled by a wire-feed speed control dial right on the gun. Tactical Welders are packaged in a rugged military type back-pack with a shoulder strap that allows the pack to function as a tool holster for one-handed welding operation. The complete unit weighs 28 pounds with plenty of room in the pack for chipping hammer, wire brush and other tools. The Tactical Welder comes complete with the power system, spool gun, charger, 300A ground clamp, 6-foot cables with reversable high-current connectors for positive or negative ground welding. ​ This is a powerful and super-convenient tool that you may find yourself using most of the time. Just like all your other rechargeable power tools, it's just too easy to grab and go. Keep it plugged in and it's always charged and ready to Weld.....Anywhere.


The Tactical Welder can "Weld Anywhere". Carry it in your car, jeep, truck, airplane, or boat for emergency repairs. Pack it in to remote locations, climb up towers or on heavy equipment for hard-to-reach welding repairs. Hang on and weld with one hand.

The pictures below show some of the many ways people can use the Tactical Welder, but we would like to hear from you so drop us an email at [email protected] or just tell your cell phone to call 303-642-0038 or text to 303-517-1921. Send us some picture and tell us your wierdest situation where you could use a Tactical Welder. We would love to hear from you.

The Weld Anywhere Tactical Welder can be used.........well, anywhere. That's the beauty of Weld Anywhere. You can carry your Tactical Welder to wherever you need it. You don't have to plug in, string cables, or fire up a generator because your Tactical Welder is self-powered with it's own high-capacity lithium Ion battery system. Just clamp the ground and start to weld. It's that simple.

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SiliContactor- Solid State Contactor Switch

The SiliContactorTM Silicon Contactor is a small, high power solid state switch.This is a discrete electrical component that switches 100s of Amperes of electrical current instantaneously with no moving parts. Unlike the starter solenoid in your car or truck, this switch has No Moving Parts to wear out and no physical electrical contacts to burn up or fuse together. This is a newly patented Solid State Switch that can be used in all high power DC applications. It is ideal for solar systems, battery powered tools, electric vehicles, winches and lifts, and all other high power equipment. This unique solid state switch will find numerous new uses as high power battery applications evolve accross many industries. The SiliContactor​TM is in prototype testing right now. It is covered under two US patents. We are seeking investors and licensees to move this product into volume production. Call 303-642-0038, text 303-517-1921, or email [email protected] for more information and sales.

VariAmp- Solid State Variable Current Controller

The VariAmp is a revolutionary new solid state, power control, electrical component. It employs a patented ADM technology to vary the current to a load from 0 to 250A or more continuous. It measures only 2" X 1.75" X 1". There is noting like this available anywhere on the market.
​The VariAmp controller component is in prototype testing now. It is covered under patents. We are seeking investors and licensees to move this product into volume production. 
Call 303-642-0038, text 303-517-1921 or email [email protected] for more information and sales.