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Tests and Awards

Weld Bead Length Per Charge Test

We welded almost 10 feet of 1/4" penetration bead into 3/4" plate steel on a single charge. Every welder I know said "That's a lot of welding!"

Face Bend and Root Bends AWS Structural Weld Test

They welded two pieces of 3/8" steel together with the Tactical Welder. Then they grind the welds flat so it looks like one piece of steel. After ultrasound and X ray imaging, they cut the piece in half and bend one half 180 degrees in one direction (face bend) and the other half 180 degrees in the other direction (root bend). No cracks, no passed!

Edison Award Gold Winner

The Tactical Welder won a Gold Medal Edison Award in 2019. The Edison Awards recognize and honors innovation and excellence in the development, marketing and launch of new products and services. "Honering Innovations and Innovators"

This cordless, handheld MIG welding gun is impressive. This product is currently in prototype testing stage and it is an amazing Grab-And-Weld tool. There is nothing like it. It is so handy we call it the QwikWeld Gun or as my friend, Tom, calls it the QuickDraw Welder. Either way, it is QUICK and Easy to use. Check out the Intro and the Penetration test videos below. This is patented technology. We are seeking investors and licensees to move this incredible product into production as soon as possible. Call 303-642-0038, text 303-517-1921, or email [email protected]